Category: Mystery Shopping

  • Tips to Keep Your Mystery Shop Program Fresh

    June 14, 2019

    The half-year mark is upon us, which means it’s time to reevaluate on-going business decisions.  Here's a checklist to ensure mystery shoppers are reporting on the way you will operate your business in 2019.


  • Calculate ROI on Mystery Shops

    May 28, 2019

    Customer experience measurement programs are not just nice to have; they need to show a return in terms of dollars. Confero offers a helpful calculator to do just that.

  • Mystery Shops to Improve the Drive thru Experience

    March 18, 2019

    If your restaurant has drive thru locations, your goal is to ensure consumers return to your drive thru – and not to your competitor’s instead. Before you can improve, you need to know how drive thru associates perform. 

  • Sharing Mystery Shopping Reports: What’s Best?

    January 29, 2019

    Change how you share mystery shopping outcomes with the team and improve results for future mystery shops.

    Many clients receive emails with a link to the mystery shop result. Sometimes, managers forward or comment on the mystery shop, and copy a Confero team member, so we see their coaching comments to staff. The variety of feedback we see in terms of positive and negative coaching is eye opening!

    What makes for action-oriented coaching for both good and bad mystery shopping results?

  • Mystery Shops: How often? How many?

    May 29, 2015

    Do these two questions about your mystery shopping program have you puzzled? Problem solved!  Timing and frequency of shops go hand in hand.  Based on our decades of experience, here are five things to consider: